Timberline Software

Timberline Software

Given that software is an investment that your company will be living with for numerous years, make the appropriate investment in time to assure yourself that the software can provide the features, tools and, reports that you require. Like countless businesses, there’s a lot more to making a construction business profitable than simply reporting income and expenses.

Timberline Software construction accounting packages are developed to control the complex needs of project-based cost accounting. From Managing workflows, documents, and project financials, Timberline software keeps all your project information in one handy location creating a secure storehouse for project documents.

Timberline software can be adapted to be used in nearly any business. No one beats their customer support. Timberline software is an outstanding value. Timberline software can be used to estimate everything from the first nail to the last nail with complete security.

According to the 2008 CFMA IT survey, Timberline Software is one of top software’s in the market place for both estimating and project management used by contracting companies. The survey indicated that close to 30% of contractors use Timberline for job costing and over 15% of contractors use Timberline software for project management.

Timberline Software

Timberline Software

Timberline software is extremely user friendly. If you have a basic construction math background you can easily learn the basics in less than four hours. You can stream from two to six estimates at one time, and with Timberline you can change from one to the other in a blink.

Timberline software package is built to handle the complicated needs of project-based cost accounting. Timberline provides financial and operations management systems to a variety of contractors — commercial, institutional, residential – road builders, electrical, plumbing, mechanical contractors — as well as home builders and developers.

The Timberline software package supplies the tools to precisely estimate the project, overlook and manage the project from start to completion. This is capable because the software provides data fields that let you allocate costs to the project. It’s also a great tool for time managing the project. Tracking all trades in real time gives the contractor a handle on important scheduling time.

Timberline’s capacity to store immense amounts of data reduces cost, errors, and thereby improves profitability for the contractor. All in all the software will also deliver a satisfied customer which will translate into quicker payments to the contractor. Receiving payment on timely basis will assist with cash flow.

The benefits of Timberline Software are its many Modules which are arranged in sections:

1) Construction accounting package

The accounting package has your basic accounting items such as payroll, receivables, payables, costing, expenses, depreciation, accounting statements etc.

2) Cost estimating package

Allows the user to input all cost, rates, and formulas to determine the final outcome of a project. Changes can be made though out the project.

3) Project management package

Keeps all the team organized from the front office to the field. All users can track purchase orders, receipts, and expenses in real time

The best investment your company can make is in Timberline Software package!! Your competitors are already using the software.

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